Creeping Me Out: Hex Night

Creeping Me Out: Hex Night is an upcoming Amiga platform game in the very early stages of development, built in Scorpion Engine.

NOTE: Everything shown here is very subject to change. Content of final game may differ.

Francis is waiting for his friends in the bar when disaster strikes! Some sort of magical catastrophe has befallen the town of Gorcester! No time to think! You’ll have to find your friends before setting off on an arduous journey to confront whoever, or whatever is responsible!

If I was to describe the gameplay in retro game terms I’d put it in the centre of a venn diagram of Turrican, The Addams Family and Castlevania3. It will contain more story elements than the average Amiga action platformer, and contains secrets, branching paths, etc.

A very early look at the game in motion..

What are the levels like?
The levels are complex. I’m leaning into exploration in a big way. There are also much smaller, “hand drawn” story levels that serve as cutscenes, hub areas, etc. (see above)

When will it release?
No idea. I wouldn’t expect it in 2021, it’ll take a good long while. 😅 I’m concentrating on making enough for a “prologue” short game/demo.* That part I’d like to complete in 1st quarter ’21. Then whatever happens there will at least be a short game for the Amiga community to play with.
* I took the same approach with Zombie Holiday

Who’s working on this?
Just me, Michael/Mixel Dawes, but none of this would be possible without Earok’s Scorpion Engine, and his frequent tips and assistance have been a total lifesaver.

What Amigas will it run on? (And why?!)
This is very subject to change. I started initially wanting to make an AGA only game, then realised I can make the sort of graphics I want in EHB (64 colour mode), which opens it to working on most powerful OCS systems with 2MB RAM+. I’m concentrating on this build first, but I may port down to much weaker systems by reducing colour count and making certain elements in a more orthodox manner.

I also might reduce colour count and do other optimisations during development, depending on performance once everything’s in place. If it starts chugging on an ‘030 I’ll consider myself doing it wrong.

Currently it runs very nicely on an A1200/20 with some fast ram.. So those of you with Vampire A500s? That’ll be great. Mister? Should be perfect.. WinUAE? Beautiful.. Stock A500? 😬 No. I’ll try optimising down to 1MB eventually though. Technically, currently it does run on an A500+ with a 1MB expansion (so 2MB RAM total) but it’s often like running through treacle. Sorry! This build is partly for my curious benefit, so bear with me while I try some potentially dumb stuff.

The game will be HDD/CD only. The prologue/demo version might fit on a single floppy. That would be ideal.

Will it work on NTSC Amigas?
I think so, right now it runs faster on them. How it runs is really down to how Scorpion deals with NTSC games in future.

If/When you finish it, how much will it cost?
The Amiga version is going to be free/pay what you feel. I’m contemplating special editions with a box, print comic tie-in, feelies etc.. That’s getting way ahead of myself though. Eventually, either through Scorpion getting multi-format exports, or remaking it from scratch in Construct (or similar) I want to bring it to other systems: Then i’d start charging for it. 😀

What’s with the name?
The game features characters and locations from my comics. You don’t need to have read any of them for the game to make sense. You can see some of those old comics at Why isn’t the game just called “Creeping Me Out”? Because I’m making multiple games set in the same world, and it gets confusing without a subheading.

I’d rather play a visual novel!
😮 Luckily I’m working on one of those too..! See Auburn Fields!

How can I keep up to date with this?
You could follow me on Twitter, Discord, Twitch (where I’m happy to answer questions about this and other things I’m working on!), Patreon, or just watch this section of this site for updates. The advantage of the latter option being I won’t be talking about a bunch of unrelated nonsense, like on twitter.

Want to help?

  • Patreon: Support this, and my other projects though Patreon which I basically just use as a tip jar right now.
  • Discord: I have a tiny discord community where I post progress updates and other projects’ work.
  • Scorpion Engine: I’m pretty sure if more people were using Scorpion it’d make bouncing ideas about implementation off each other easier. Go and use Scorpion, Earok is the man.
  • Twitch, Youtube etc. Occasionally I stream, and make youtube videos. You’re always welcome! I’m often drawing, but also – playing things! Twitch / Youtube.
  • Feedback: I’m always open to feedback, and have received some excellent technical advise already. (thank you!)
  • Encouragement: Probably the biggest obstacle to the completion of this project is my own brain, so any positivity is always appreciated.

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Dirk Schindler
Dirk Schindler
3 months ago

Ich bin gespannt, kling mal nach einem richtig guten Amiga Spiel. Vielleicht gibt es ja mal eine Saveoption.

Dirk Schindler
Dirk Schindler
1 month ago
Reply to  Mixel

Thank you, very nice that you reply, the translation worked well. It’s good that you also thought of a Save or Pw function. Find it important for larger titles.

3 months ago

Looks good – the game and the translation 🙂


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